Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The yearly feeling of seasonal sadness and blues can affect your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that is associated with seasonal changes. It usually occurs during the winter but it applies to seasonal changes. Do you think you have a Seasonal Affective Disorder? If you are most likely to feel the symptoms of the Seasonal Affective Disorder, you will have a depressive feeling that starts in the summer and continues into the winter months giving you labile emotions.

Sunny Happiness

On a sunny side of the street, life can be so sweet! Is it really true that warm weather makes us happier? Psychologists have decided to investigate the theory that a sunny climate can dispose of happy hormones. Two conclusions emerged from the study they have conducted, those who live in a sunny climate are not more than happier to those who experiences rain and the wind, and the weather factor is listed at the bottom with regards to life satisfaction.