Durant shines in Three-Point Contest

Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Russell Westbrook finished fifth overall in the skills competition out of the six competitors. Westbrook finished with a time of 33.8. It was just a second off Rajon Rondo who went to the finals with a 32.8 time.

Kevin Durant shined in the three-point competition. He had 20 points out of a possible 30 points in the first round. It was good enough for second place in the first round. James Jones led the way with 22 points heading into the finals.

Mario Chalmers and Kevin Love were tied at 18. They went to a 24 second tie breaker. Love beat out Chalmers 5-4.

Love led off the finals with a 16, missing the last Money ball. Durant was next in the competition. Durant struggled in the middle of the set. Durant hit 5 of his first 10 shots. He Then proceeded to go 5 of his last 15. He Did hit three money balls to keep him in it. Jones only had a 12 in his set.

That left a tie breaker between Love and Durant. Unlike the first round where there was a 24 second tie-breaker. There is a 60 second tie-breaker.

Love went first. He struggled early but on the third and fourth racks, really picked it up. He finished with 17.

Durant struggled with the first rack, but picked it up in the middle. It came down to the final rack. However, he just couldn’t do it. He finished with 14. Durant missed four of the five money balls.

Durant finished second overall. A much better finish compared to last season.

Kevin Durant’s grade according to John Hollinger.

Russell Westbrook’s grade by Hollinger


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