Daily Starting Five – 2.6.13

K-mart is Crucial for OKC Success: At 30-years-old Martin obviously doesn’t have the explosiveness that he once had, but his experience and knowledge about the NBA game goes under-the-radar far too often. Martin is leading the league in Free Throw percentage with a .904% from the charity stripe in 2013 which will be key come the postseason. (cont…)

Thunder Expected to get better compared to rest of league: Oklahoma City has somehow managed to lock up its core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrookand Serge Ibaka (average age of 23) without crossing into luxury-tax territory. That’s in large part because they said goodbye to Harden, but the Thunder will still have Nick Collison at a very low price and Kendrick Perkins under contract through 2014-15. (cont…)

Perkins Sympathizes with Rondo: Perkins tore his left ACL while being pulled down by the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum as they chased a rebound during Game 6 of the 2010 NBA Finals. On Jan. 25, 2011, Perkins returned to action, seven months and 10 days after his injury. (cont…)

The best has yet to come for PJ3: From his high school days in Duncanville, Texas, to his college days in Waco, Texas, Perry Jones III has been the go-to man. Now in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a NBA player, Jones finds himself in the unfamiliar position of being on the bench of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who happened to be the defending NBA Western Conference Champions. (cont…)

3 Thunder Girls make Super bowl Dance Team: Three members of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Thunder Girl dance team have made another elite dance squad that will perform at the Super Bowl. The girls auditioned three weeks ago in Dallas for one of only 10 spots in a group that’s known as “The Sideline Dolls.”  (cont…)

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