4 Things to Watch for in Post All-Star



The Oklahoma City Thunder head to post All-Star break with a 39-14 record. They’re currently second in theWestern Conference. With only 29 games remaining in this season, here are four things that could make our break the Thunder in the “second half” of the season.

The Bench
The Oklahoma City bench currently ranks 22nd in the league, scoring just 29.1 points per game. Kevin Martin is half of those points, meaning the other four players that come off the bench just combine for 14.2. There have been games when Oklahoma City’s bench was basically non-existent and it cost the Thunder some games. Oklahoma City needs their bench, bad.

Serge Ibaka
Ibaka is a key piece in the Thunder starting line up. His offense has improved a lot since last season. At times he disappears, and doesn’t take many shots. That’s a bit understood though. There are only so many shots to go around. I think he passes up too many shots, and he should take an extra shot here and there. It would really help our team.

Loss of Concentration
This team has a bit of a tough stretch this final 29 games coming up. Oklahoma City though, at times looks like they’re bored and not really interested in certain games. Oklahoma City might have lapse again. They had a couple of them late in the season last year. So, I suspect we may see another one.

Race for the West
The Thunder have a real shot at winning the Western Conference. Oklahoma City to win the West will need some help form San Antonio. If the Thunder take care of the games they’re supposed to win, they’ll have a really good chance in winning the West.

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