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Paging Kevin Martin, Paging Kevin Martin

Chuck Chaney February 19, 2013 Comments Off


Hi Kevin, it’s been really great having you here in Oklahoma City. Your humble attitude and team first mentality basically means you’re a perfect fit for this organization. That’s a very solid thing. We love our Thunder and so far, we like you.

I remember the day we received you in a trade. I sat their shocked, twice. The University of Oklahoma was getting beat by Notre Dame on their own field. It was halftime, then I received about five texts saying James Harden had been traded for Kevin Martin. I immediately jumped up and let the Thunder nation know. I was shocked, didn’t sleep well that night.

We really need to talk though.

Mr. Martin, you have work to do though. As the second oldest person on the roster, you’re expectations are at a certain level. Especially since you’re the sixth man on this team. However, sir, It’s like you don’t even travel on the road with us. At home, you’re a blistering 45 percent from deep and you’re averaging almost four points more in the ‘Peake.

On the road, you’re invisible, like a ghost. At times you stand in the corner, hoping for a shot. Where was the Kevin Martin who was forced to create his own shot in Sacramento and Houston? Where is the guy who led the league in free throw attempts? I miss that guy.

Oh, yeah I did to notice your points per game has consistently dropped every month. You’re averaging just 14 points per game in February. One thing I also noticed, you’re barely getting to the line. You went to the line quite a bit in the first month of the season. You’re averaging just less than two attempts in this month. We need you guy.

If Oklahoma City is going to bring a trophy back to the ‘Peake, it’ll be because you were an intricate part of the formula that stunned the NBA. Not despite your performances. Your asking price is 12-million dollars this year. You want more money next year? You want to stay here? You’ll probably get an invite to stay here, even if you go 0-of-100 from here on out. However, the fans want you back. I want you back.

Mr. Martin, become aggressive again. Stroke the awkward shot that we’ve grown to love.  We need more of the K-Mart specials. I believe you can do it. I believe you’re that missing link that Oklahoma City has been missing. I believe the fans feel the same way. Let’s see it.

Now, K-Mart, it may seem that I’m being mean or something along those lines. I’m not. I just want the best for the Oklahoma City Thunder and yourself. You’re getting up there and we’re not sure how many more title shots you’ll have before you retire. I hope you’re able to do it this season.

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