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We’ve decided since it’s the “dead period” in between all the summer league games, and the actual N.B.A. season, we’d join the crowd and rank our Oklahoma City Thunder players. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ve paired up with all of your favorite writers here on Thunder Obsessed, and we’ve ranked them all!

Want to know how it works!

Pretty simple. Each writer broke down their players, 1-16, each player got a point for their ranking, 16 for the best overall, 1 for the worst player. Worst player is a bit of a stretch, especially on this talented roster. Each day we will release a different player, determined by their ranking for you all to read.

We want you to be included on the fun, so let’s go add the hashtag “#ThunderRank” and before we release the rankings, the night before we want to discuss who you think will be the next day’s ranking.

So, let’s join in and let’s see who finishes where.

Oh, as a reminder, Grant Jerrett is left off the list, due to Oklahoma City yet to sign him.

You can thank Joe Buettner, @JetRito; Jason Damiano, @JDonSports; Ryan Querbach, @RyanQuerbach; Your Favorite tie, @ThunderTie; Rashad Alaiyan, @RashadAlaiyan; and myself @ThunderObsessed.

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