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Mavs Meltdown! Embarrassing Dallas Never Gets Old

Mavs Meltdown! Embarrassing Dallas Never Gets Old



Tonight we saw Thunder basketball. It was gorgeous. While we saw that, we saw the Mavericks fan base go into full meltdown mode. Lots of cautious optimism early on, but by the end of the game fans were wishing career ending injuries upon our players. Dallas never had a classy fan base, but this one might take the cake. Oh well, saw what you want, they haven’t beat Oklahoma City since January 2012. Whoops.

  • This would be an excellent opportunity to put the league on notice…
  • Hopefully Westbrook won’t be his usual electric self tonight because Monta and Jose are going to struggle with him
  • Also is it wrong to hope Westbrook has a one game setback and misses tonight?
  • Beat the backpack and his turtle!
  • if we win this evening, half the board will proclaim we’re going to be champions this year with both hands tied behind our backs. If we lose, half the board will proclaim the season over.
  • I so hate Westbrook he gonna run everytime!!!
  • you know that piece of sh*t fisher will somehow pull a couple of 3’s out of his ass like he always does vs the mavs
  • I hate Westrook, he is the biggest arrogant wanker out there, makes a couple shots and he is carrying on like they just made it to the Finals
  • I so hate Westbrook he gonna run everytime!!!
  • I would love to beat the crap out of the thunder. I expect a close game though. Lets go Mavs!!!!!
  • and so it begins…
  • If we win tonight will be tied for number 1 in the west unless spurs win then will be tied for number 1
  • Perkins has such a punchable face, seriously…
  • I wonder if the refs will celebrate with OKC if they manage to win the Finals
  • Sigh, I can’t stand OKC, but they’re good
  • Dirk can’t back guys down anymore wtf?
  • I hate Collison so much. Dirty player.
  • So many showboaters on the Thunder. I’m glad they’ll never win a title.
  • I forgot how much I hate watching the Mavs play OKC.
  • Adams will make people forget about Harden eventually. I wish we had traded up two spots and taken him.
  • I hate all the inbred OKC fans.
  • We are never going to beat OKC in a game. Ever again. In franchise history.
  • Ugh… not getting any traction with Westbrook and Durant sitting.
  • Mavs just aren’t gonna get a call.
  • Thunder are so damn athletic it’s annoying.
  • Maybe we are fool’s gold.
  • Wheels falling off…
  • lol. Second night of a back to back at Okc and we’re within 7 points and you’re already throwing the towel in on the season. Smh.
  • When Ibaka is making jumpers, that’s not a good sign
  • Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers…
  • Defense hasn’t been able to limit Durant for 3 years now. Zone, man to man coverage, nothing works.
  • I honestly don’t know how anyone outside of Oklahoma could be a fan of that team.
  • The refs are a disgrace. That should have been a delay of game (2nd of the game).
  • Hate losing to these guys.
  • Things might get ugly and quick.
  • Calderon is going to piss me off.
  • Calderon craps his pants when teams play him aggressive.
  • Next time Carter should knock him out instead of letting him off easy
  • What a joke. F*** OKC!
  • Im ok with that. VC bringing less than nothing tonight
  • always the rigged refs with OKC glad Vince did it, **** them all
  • I’d love to elbow all the reffing staff and David Stern on the face, repeatedly,
  • Oh somebody needs to whoop this Adam’s boys a$$ he outta order with BS!!!!
  • I thought D. Fisher was dead. He needs to go sit his ole a$$ down somewhere.
  • I dont blame Carter. Some punk rookie elbows him. he shoulda punched his ass in the jaw
  • Agreed. Maybe he should have done a Metta World Peace on him (like he did with Harden).
  • Ellis’ low bball IQ has been showing tonight.
  • I hope someone elbows Collison’s head and his head falls off and he dies and he becomes a ghost that futilely tries to molest basketball players.
  • Fucking lamb needs to get punched in the face.
  • Adams looks like a Nick Collison clone
  • I wouldn’t be upset if Westbrook suffers a career ending injury
  • Westbrook back in. I’ll probably be cussing soon.
  • I hate the Thunder more than I hate the Spurs. At least the Spurs have the rings. The Thunder just act all bad ass even though they’ve never won anything. Remind me of some earlier Denver teams.
  • you’d think we were watching a porno with the way teams get shafted by okc
  • Monta needs to be banned completely from taking any 3’s unless he is wide open
  • I’m only watching to see how ugly it gets.
  • This is embarrassing.
  • When will we ever beat these cocky MFrs?!
  • Never again.
  • Season over. Abandon all hope.
  • I give up

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