Bucks Meltdown! Wait, Milwaukee still has a team?



This is a small meltdown. One, there isn’t a lot of sources for material. Two, Buck’s fans understood what they were getting into last night. I didn’t notice any one complaining about officials, but I did enjoy the fans mocking themselves for trading Dirk Nowitzki. Just like the game, the meltdown is kinda boring. Sorry.

  • this one ought to be over by halftime
  • Yeah Jeremy Lamb.. he’s probably the best Lamb in the NBA right now
  • Sounds like lots of OKC fans out there tonight
  • Holy Cow, What does it mean if we’re better than the Thunder but we are hopeless against Orlando?
  • Wolters makes me go woo
  • Perkins should not be out-hustling us
  • Enjoying these close games. Helps me deal with the whole “hopeful” losing thing.
  • I’m trying to think of the Bucks. As an expansion team, it helps.
  • Game over
  • Neal is an offensive foul machine.
  • Good thing we don’t have Dirk
  • We traded him, Remember?
  • I knew there was a reason we traded him, all these years later it is paying off.
  • same old Bucks
  • 2 man game with udoh is really 1 on 2
  • Can we trade this franchise for an NHL team?
  • they are the Milwaukee Sucks!
  • Yes, they are perfectly named the Sucks not Bucks.

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