Spurs Meltdown! The meltdown that just keeps giving and giving

Spurs Meltdown! The meltdown that just keeps giving and giving

In a battle of two great teams, the Thunder came out victorious. Spurs fans had a pretty epic meltdown. From blaming the refs to wishing genocide onto Serge Ibaka’s family. Then came the realization that Oklahoma City is better than them tonight. What started out as a great pre-Thanksgiving game for the Spurs turned into a Thanksgiving nightmare. Enjoy!

  • I figure if we let Durant get his but keep the others relatively under wraps we should be good.
  • OKC by 20+ tbh
  • We will bury them.
  • OKC wins this one convincingly. Spurfan starts the climb to the ledge
  • another blow out..for the spurs…just bring it..
  • Spurs 0-5 in OKC dating back to the 2012 playoffs.
  • I’m expecting a lot of posts about bad calls.
  • okc up 2-0 game over. pull the horses pop
  • kawhi giving durant the lebron treatment. not gna work
  • Away game at OKC? Expecting lots of bad officiating tonight.
  • Danny Green choking against the Thunder, per par.
  • Harden > Westbrook
  • Refs aren’t playing favorites much this quarter, they’re just horrible on both sides.
  • fisher still plays?
  • Lamb and Jackson new Spurs killers.
  • I’m a little puzzled at OKC high fiving each other in a timeout in a game where they’re down 2 at home and the other team has the ball, but whatever.
  • Pop reacting to okc line up is annoying
  • Perfect example why okc will not win a championship with Westbrook.
  • I’m to the point when Duncan takes a jumper I cringe.
  • i hate Ibaka i hope his village gets genocide
  • Somebody at least attempt to guard Ibaka
  • So many missed layups. Killing ourselves…
  • Now the crowds into it. So many missed opportunities
  • Manu giveth and he taketh away
  • Lamb is killing us but somehow if we lose this is going to be Tony Parker’s fault, I guarantee it.
  • not givin up but we look pretty mediocre right now
  • Their bench WAY better than ours
  • Tim better hop on a plane and get some of that enriched platelets, looks old out there.
  • Haven’t been this thoroughly outplayed in a loooooooooooooooooong time.
  • Jackson committing murder on the Spurs yall
  • Welcome to every Spurs game ever: Random trashy guard has a career day.
  • Ibaka is 10 times the player Splitter is, man what I wouldn’t give to have him on the team
  • Spurs are pretenders, tbh.
  • suddenly everyone’s a believer!
  • parker missed easy layups …wtf
  • what a joke
  • Someone put on some Benny Hill music.
  • ………
  • timmy throws it to the ref.
  • Spurs scared crapless of Ibaka’s blocks
  • tank for wiggins tbh
  • 2012 flashbacks. Thunder just so much more athletic and energetic than the Spurs.
  • Spurs are not gonna beat elite teams.
  • we just need to blow it up tbh. its been a good run
  • all these emo spurs fans
  • the spurs just s*** their pants when they play the thunder
  • OKC is a great team.
  • Tim must have lost his kids to the ex this Thanksgiving because he looked like a heartless zombie tonight.
  • This entire season is pointless if Tim is just gonna be a sourpuss, pouting and shit and being scared to take shots. We can’t accomplish anything if he is as mindf***** as he looks. It would be one thing if Timmy was physically incapable. I’d call it one of the most amazing careers of all time in any profession and give up on him, but it looks like he has just given up on himself. He is still quite obviously capable. It’s just that the mental is not there for whatever reason.
  • It’s probably because of that b****, Amy. Hope her lover knocks her up just before she catches him knocking another bitch up.
  • Can’t we find Tim another, younger blond woman to take his mind off things? His struggles are clearly related to neurosis.
  • Ibaka is making 12 mil, tiago is making 9 mil but Ibaka is twice the player so either Serge needs a raise or we paid too much for Splitter.
  • They have us figured out- taking away our penetration and now our ball movement.
  • Ugh, they make me feel like this is 2012 all over again.

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