Charles Chaney – @OKCChuck/@ThunderObsessed – Founder & Editor
I founded this site in May of 2011. It started out as a way to vent a lot of my thoughts on the Thunder in the 2011 Playoffs. However, people loved what I had to say and I watched my personal twitter grow from people wanting more Thunder knowledge. I was the Sports Editor at Eastern Oklahoma State College, also wrote for the OU Daily. I’ve had my work posted on USA today, Yahoo! Sports and I give a fan’s perspective while being knowledgeable, but I’m real. It’s not all candy and rainbows, I’ll call a player out if they’re not living up to the team’s expectations. So, bring your big boy pants and let’s Thunder Up!

Thunder Tie – @ScottBrooksTie –┬áContributor
I’ve been a Thunder fan since July 2, 2008, and it’s been a love affair ever since. I’ve done some free lance writing on the Thunder in the past, and run a novelty twitter account dedicated to the game worn ties of head coach Scott Brooks. While my true background is in baseball and science, a dedication to studying and understanding the game has opened up my knowledge base about the hardwood classic. I like to keep it positive, for the most part, and see the optimistic side of even the most absurd of plays.

Jason Damiano – @JDonSports – Contributor
I am a structural engineer in New York City, but my love of steel and concrete comes in second to my love of basketball. I create GIFs and video highlights, provide extremely dramatic Twitter coverage, and fall asleep looking at advanced stats every night. Oh, and I like to write about basketball, too. My favorite plays are Nick Collison off the ball screens and Russell Westbrook pull up jumpers in transition. 2014