Sunny Happiness

On a sunny side of the street, life can be so sweet! Is it really true that warm weather makes us happier? Psychologists have decided to investigate the theory that a sunny climate can dispose of happy hormones. Two conclusions emerged from the study they have conducted, those who live in a sunny climate are not more than happier to those who experiences rain and the wind, and the weather factor is listed at the bottom with regards to life satisfaction. High pressure, high temperature and low humidity suggest to be associated with positive emotions, this is an analysis from the 1970 and 1980 studies. A lot of studies that examine the relationship between weather, mood and life satisfaction, and even examined the relationship of life satisfaction rate, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, barometric pressure, wind speed and humidity. Yet, it has a lot of inconsistencies. There is no significant relationship between the weather and the well-being of an individual, maybe we are the ones responsible for disposing of happy hormones! Show your radiant smile to share your happiness!